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Elevate your Success at Kirkwood

The Equity in Student Success Coaches are here to get to know our multicultural students, and help you reach your goals at the highest level during your time at Kirkwood! We do this through one-on-one check-ins throughout the semester, as well as social and educational opportunities to connect with other students, and campus/community resources throughout the year, too!


Contact a Coach

If you would like to learn more about the Equity in Student Success coaches; receive details about our events and opportunities; or you’d like to schedule a meeting, use the information below!

Cedar Rapids Campus Coaches

Alicia Hein
Iowa Hall Room 2026G
Schedule a meeting with Alicia via Calendly.

Jacob Ferguson
Iowa Hall Room 2026H
Schedule a meeting with Jacob via Calendly.


Iowa City Campus Coach

Margorie Gutierrez
Kirkwood Iowa City Campus, Room 112A
Schedule a meeting with Margorie via Calendly.


Rebecca Mbali

“I like it here because I don’t feel alone. I have met many friends.”

Rebecca Mbali,
The Democratic Republic of Congo