Facilities & Public Safety


Facilities is responsible for taking care of every Kirkwood location across the college's seven-county service area. This includes maintenance and preventative services, construction and renovation management, grounds and landscaping, custodial services, and energy management, as well as many other duties.

To contact the Facilities department, call

Public Safety

Public Safety is a community issue. That’s why Kirkwood's dedicated Public Safety team works together in partnership with students, faculty, and staff to make this community a safer place to live, work, and learn. To learn more, please visit the Public Safety homepage.

Our Team

Troy McQuillen
Title: Vice President, Facilities & Public Safety
Phone: 319-398-5569
Email: troy.mcquillen@kirkwood.edu
Andrew MacPherson
Title: Assoc. Vice President, Public Safety & Emergency Mgmt.
Phone: 319-398-5669
Email: andrew.macpherson@kirkwood.eduu
Jim Bayne
Title: Senior Director, Facilities
Phone: 319-398-4490
Email: jim.bayne@kirkwood.edu
Monica Davis
Title: Senior Director, Architect
Phone: 319-398-5571
Email: monica.davis@kirkwood.edu
Mike Andresen
Title: Director, Grounds
Phone: 319-398-4966
Email: mike.andresen@kirkwood.edu
Jolene Bruno
Title: Facilities Finance Manager
Phone: 319-398-4975
Email: jolene.bruno@kirkwood.edu
Cale Loewen
Title: Facilities Operations Manager
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 4357
Email: cale.loewen@kirkwood.edu
Colby Dye
Title: Senior Director, Maintenance & Automation
Phone: 319-398-7620
Email: colby.dye@kirkwood.edu