Regional Center at the University of Iowa

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Regional Center at the University of Iowa

A long-term educational investment for the central Kirkwood region, the Regional Center at the University of Iowa provides local learners with traditional college credit programming and a wide variety of other services.

Located in Coralville, the Regional Center at the University of Iowa gives area high school students the chance to earn early college credit through various liberal arts transfer offerings and innovative, industry-specific career academies.

Students can access Continuing Education courses at the center, take college readiness exams, and have access to career counseling, financial aid, and academic advising services.

Area high school students can enroll in Career Academies – dual-credit programs focused around certain careers and areas of interest – at Kirkwood's Regional Center at the University of Iowa. Career Academies give students the opportunity to explore potential career paths and get a headstart on their college degreee – at NO COST to them or their families. 

The center includes all the resources adult learners need to succeed at Kirkwood. Find information about classes, advisors who can help you make the right decisions, and much more! 

Start off closer to home! Traditional students can start toward any of our 130+ degree programs by taking general education courses at Jones County Regional Center. 

Meet Our Staff

Jon Weih
Title: Director
Phone: 319-887-3947
Bio: Jon is the Director of the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa. Over a long career at Kirkwood Community College, Jon has spent time in the departments of Distance Learning, Information Technology, Continuing Education, and Student Services. He currently enjoys offering great experiences to students who come to the regional center and helping them to find their path beyond high school.
Hailey Hebl
Title: Student Academic Support Coordinator
Phone: 319-358-3106
Office: 100G
Bio: Hailey serves as the Student Academic Support Coordinator at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa. Hailey earned her Associate’s degree at Kirkwood, and then her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Iowa. Hailey works with high school students to help them determine the Kirkwood classes they should be taking in high school and help advise them based on their education and career goals.
Tiffany Fowler
Title: Department Assistant
Phone: 319-358-3107
Office: 100G

Additional Services & Partnerships

ICAN empowers Iowans to achieve their educational and career goals through statewide comprehensive outreach, initiatives and partnerships with schools, groups, and businesses. The program helps more than 300,000 students, parents, and education professionals prepare for college each year

Through ICAN, the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa can help students at any stage of the planning process, from determining career choices, to lining up colleges that offer the appropriate programs and majors, to coming up with a strategy to finance it all.

Fully embedded in the learning experience at the regional center, the Workplace Learning Connection (WLC) connects high school students with businesses to provide job shadows and internships. Our programming aligns with many “hot jobs” students want including health care occupations, engineering, and education.

WLC staff members located in the main office of the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa can help you get connected to future careers through work-based learning.

STEM graduates are in great demand to meet current and future workforce needs. Created with the goal of increasing STEM interest and achievement, the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council is a collaboration of bipartisan Iowa legislators, educators, businesses, nonprofits, students, and families focused on improving STEM opportunities and awareness in Iowa.

The Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa is continuously looking for ways to engage educators, businesses, and community organizations to strengthen the STEM pipeline from school to careers. 


2301 Oakdale Blvd.
Coralville, IA

Call the Regional Center at the U of I: 319-358-3100

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