COVID-19 Hotline Reporting


Hello Kirkwood Community,

We’ve been through a lot over the past two and a half years. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. On one hand it seems like an eternity since the beginning of the pandemic, and on the other it seems like it was just yesterday that our lives changed forever. While I’m very proud about Kirkwood’s response to COVID-19 and all its challenges, I think everyone will agree when I say that it certainly wasn’t easy.

While we’re not out of the woods, and some say that COVID will be with us moving forward, it’s wonderful to see signs of our daily lives returning to the way they were pre-pandemic. Of course, it would be naïve to think that things will be exactly how they were before, but the changes that are happening have been very encouraging. At the same time, our COVID numbers have been significantly lower since mid-February, which is incredible news.

With all of this in mind, I am happy to announce that the COVID Hotline will be shut down effective May 13. As part of this, the phone number and reporting forms will be removed from the website and classroom materials. In addition, college-wide plexiglass removal will begin this summer. All of these changes will be permanent unless a future emergency response is warranted.

Despite this transition, if you are more comfortable with wearing a mask, please feel free to do so. Kirkwood will continue to provide existing PPE stations in our facilities while supplies last. The COVID page on the website will also be updated with links to the latest resources dealing with the virus.

As I’ve said previously, I want to once again thank everyone for their efforts in combatting this health crisis. I especially want to thank all of those involved with the COVID Hotline. They went the extra mile by adding their Hotline duties to everything else they already had to do. Their actions are truly commendable and are a prime example of why I am so proud to be a member of the Kirkwood family.

Thank you.

Lori Sundberg
President, Kirkwood Community College