COVID-19 Updates

These are the expectations for all college functions and activities:

  • Employees and students, whether vaccinated on non-vaccinated, should not come to campus if they are sick or experiencing any flu-like symptoms.
    • Any employee or student, regardless of vaccination status, exhibiting any COVID-19 syptom must report to their supervisor or faculty member
  • Disposable masks are readily available throughout the campus for those that chose to wear them while supplies last.
  • We ask that employees and students respect the privacy of others by refraining from asking about their vaccination status. Vaccination status is a personal matter and should be treated as such. Asking someone about their vaccination status may cause them to feel pressured to share personal or private information. No one should feel this kind of pressure in the workplace or classroom. By avoiding questions regarding vaccination status, we are helping to ensure that others feel respected.
  • Throughout your daily interactions, frequently clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces at locations and in offices. Disinfectant and wipes will still be provided or requested from custodial services.
  • The latest Kirkwood COVID-19 travel guidelines can be found here.
  • External group space requests are being accepted
  • Food and drink options will continue to be available at designated campus locations.
  • For events, activities, or meetings that involve food, organizers are to contact catering from The Café. Due to staffing issues, the Cafe requests that all catering orders be made with as much advance notice as possible.

Instruction and Classroom Updates

  • Faculty are encouraged to start their courses by providing an update to the college’s COVID-19 protocols.
  • Classroom and lab capacities are no longer restricted and distancing is not required.
  • Faculty cannot require face masks, penalize or criticize students for not wearing one, offer incentives to those who wear one, or direct students to sit in different areas of the classroom based on masking or vaccination status.
  • Exceptions to the masking requirements may be granted to those departments connected to industries named in the CDC’s recommendations.
  • Masks will be available at major access points of buildings while supplies last.
  • Food and drink is allowed in classrooms.
  • Faculty are no longer required to develop seating charts to aid in COVID Hotline contact tracing efforts.
  • Encourage students to wipe-in and wipe-out of learning spaces. Additional disinfectant will be supplied at faculty request.

Facilities Updates

  • Classroom furniture (tables & chairs) should remain in its original place. Additional table and chair request can be made through a facilities work order.
  • External space reservations are open. External requests follow our normal rental procedures and groups must comply to Kirkwood’s protocols. All college rooms must be reserved using R25.
  • Facilities will continue to disinfect high traffic and community spaces in each facility.
  • Wipe-in and wipe-out disinfectant containers will remain in place for reserved classrooms and conference spaces. Additional disinfectant can be requested.
  • Masks will be available at major access points of buildings while supplies last.

Travel Guidelines: COVID-19

The following are general guidelines for Kirkwood employees for travel in the wake of the current situation with COVID-19.

International Travel

Kirkwood-Sponsored International Travel:

  • Kirkwood-sponsored employee international travel (with or without students) is authorized as of July 1, 2021, so long as it is approved through standard Kirkwood approval procedures utilizing the International Travel Application found on KIN / Employee Forms Plus. Travelers should consult with Global Learning regarding specific COVID restrictions for inbound and/or outbound travel to ensure precautions are taken. Kirkwood does not authorize international travel to Department of State Travel Advisory Level 4 countries.
  • All study abroad program and program proposal decisions (July 2021 and forward) will be decided on a case-by-case basis by Global Learning recognizing that actual travel decisions will be made closer to the date of travel of the program following current advisory levels, and guidance from international partners and institutions. Global Learning will be responsible for monitoring ongoing changes in travel conditions and guidelines. Individuals with questions about Kirkwood study abroad programs and student international travel should contact the Dean of Global Learning, Dawn Wood.
  • Job applicant travel for those who reside outside the U.S. remains suspended until further notice. Electronic means of communication (phone, video conferencing, etc.) should be used as an alternative. Hiring Managers with questions regarding the arrangement of alternative interview means for international job applicants should contact Talent Acquisition and Development Supervisor, Sarah Brown.

Personal International Travel:

  • Kirkwood does not prohibit employees from personal international travel. Kirkwood employees who do travel internationally are recommended to review and follow travel guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Employees returning from international travel should continue to notify both their supervisor and Kirkwood HR of any international travel to receive clearance for return to work.

Domestic Travel

Kirkwood-Sponsored Domestic Travel:

  • Kirkwood-sponsored domestic travel (with or without students) is authorized as of July 1, 2021. Employees are encouraged to review and follow travel guidance provided on the CDC website prior to scheduling and starting their travel.

Personal Domestic Travel:

  • No restrictions at this time. However, employees traveling are encouraged to review and follow the CDC’s latest guidance for travelers.

Updated 6/16/21