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The Dean of Students Office provides a variety of resources to help faculty and staff assist students and refer to appropriate resources. Here you can find key information for emergency and non-emergency situations.

It may be helpful to talk one-on-one with a Dean of Students Office staff member.

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Emergency Situations

Dial 911 for emergencies or to report a crime in progress. Follow immediately with a call to Public Safety at 319-398-7777. Public Safety is available 24/7 on main campus only.


Non-Emergency Situations

Reach out to report or discuss a non-emergency concern about:

Contact Public Safety if you witness criminal activity or are the victim of a crime on Kirkwood property or at a Kirkwood sponsored event.

Reporting Non-Emergency Concerns About Students

Faculty, staff, students, or others who are concerned about the behavior of a student, the well-being of a student, or academic concerns are encouraged to complete the Student Concern Form.

Confidentiality laws do not prevent you from reporting the concern. A student of concern may struggle in such areas as psychological health, physical health, victimization, relationship issues, social adjustment, and academics. Changes in a student’s habits, attitude, and behavior can be a sign that a student might need extra attention or help.

If you are reporting academic concerns, please try to reach out to the student before completing the Student Concern Form.


Why Make a Referral?

The academic experience combined with personal struggles can often cause students to be distressed. Identifying and referring a student in distress so they can get help can be an important step to maintaining their academic success.

  1. Early intervention means rapid solutions: Often, a quick response to provide a distressed student with timely resources will ensure that the student remains successful academically. Late intervention often involves missed classes, isolation from friends and family, possible withdrawals, or late drops and an overall interruption in the student’s experience.
  2. Connecting the dots: The Dean of Students Office receives reports of student concerns from faculty, staff, students, and community members (including parents and family). We are able to take concerns that are shared and help to connect students with appropriate on campus and off-campus resources and support.
  3. We care, you care: Making a referral shows that you care about the success of the student to get the help the student needs. It means you are not prepared to let a student fall through the cracks.
  4. It might be required: Under certain circumstances, faculty and staff are obligated to report acts of violence and other threatening behaviors (see Sexual Harassment Procedures).


In non-emergency situations, contact or consult the Dean of Students.

Dean of Students Office


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