Writing Thank You Letters

Once you're notified that you've received a scholarship, it's important to write the donor a thank you note to show your appreciation. This shows professionalism and how seriously you take the value of your education. 

Use these tips when it's time to write thank you letters:

  • Be sure to address your letter to the appropriate scholarship donor(s). 
  • Your letter should be genuine and sincere.
  • Take the time to write more than just a few sentences.
  • Write a separate thank you for each scholarship you receive. 
  • Thank the donor(s) for the specific scholarship(s) you receive.
  • Explain how the scholarship(s) will help you pursue your educational goals. 
  • Share your long-term goal with achieving your college degree. 
  • Sign your name and do not include your address.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the Foundation for submitting your letter(s) electronically.