Custom Applicator

Custom Applicator

Offered as part of Agricultural Business Diploma A.A.S. degree, the 14 credit hour certificate helps prepare you in obtaining you custom applicators licensure. The licensing is a state-administered process, but the curriculum exceeds the minimum state requirements, helping you be successful in either obtaining employment with a crop protection service or starting their own application business.

This certificate isn’t eligible for financial aid, but can be earned while enrolled in the Agricultural Science AAS program.

Plan of Study

First Semester

  • AGA-114 - Principles of Agronomy (3)
  • AGP-333 - Precision Farming Systems (3)

6 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  • AGA-376 - Integrated Pest Management (3)
  • AGB-470 - Farm Records, Accounts, Analysis OR (3)
  • ACC-152 - Financial Accounting
  • AGA-283 - Pesticied Application Certification (2)

8 Credit Hours


Agricultural Sciences
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