Get the Skills to Lead Successful Enterprises

Part of the Management associate's degree program, the Entrepreneurship Certificate consists of six blended-learning courses equaling 18 credit hours, where you'll learn how to research, develop and write detailed start-up business plans to create successful businesses. The blended-learning environment provides a dynamic, interactive experience that combines the flexibility of Internet-based e-learning with the benefits of face-to-face instruction.


Plan of Study

First Semester

  • MGT-300 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship - 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT-130 - Principles of Supervision - 3 Credit Hours OR
    • BCA-290 -  Web Design Principles - 3 Credit Hours
  • MKT-110 - Principles of Marketing - 3 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  •  MKT-130 - Social Media for Business - 3 Credit Hours 
  •  MGT-305 - Business Plans for Entrepreneurs - 3 Credit Hours
  •  MGT-170 - Human Resource Management OR 
    • CIS-290 - Web Content and E-Commerce Systems OR
    • MKT-135 - Content Marketing


What career could this lead to?

Graduates with an Entrepreneurship certificate can obtain jobs in a variety of different career opportunities.
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