Execute Business Sales Strategies

Offered as part of the Marketing Management A.A.S. degree, the 17 credit hour sales certificate can give you a head start in all aspects of business sales. A knowledge of sales can give you a start in a huge range of industries and provide immense income potential. 

The certificate will teach you the principles of selling, how to provide standout customer service, and much more in this one-year program.

Plan of Study

First Semester

  • MKT-110 - Principles of Marketing (3)
  • MKT-140 - Principles of Selling (3)
  • MKT-180 - Customer Service Strategies (1)
  • CSC-110 - Introduction to Computers (3)
  • MGT-140 - Time Management in the Workplace (1)

11 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  • MKT-130 - Social Media in Business (3)
  • BCA-213 - Intermediate Computer Business Applications (3)

6 Credit Hours

What career could this lead to?

Graduates with a Sales certificate can obtain jobs in a variety of different career opportunities.
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