.NET Programming

.NET Programming

Diversify Your Programming Skills

The .NET Programming certificate is part of the computer software development A.A.S. degree. You'll learn how to enter the growing web development and computer programming field by developing a strong background in .NET Programming, designing websites, and much more. 

The certificate consists of 18 program hours to give you a leg up in the competitive programming job market. 

Plan of Study

First Semester

  • CIS-121 - Introduction to Programming Logic* (3) OR
  • CIS-450 - PLTW-Computer Science Principles* (3) OR
  • CSC-142 - Computer Science* (3)

6 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  • CIS-335 - Relational Database Technologies and SQL* (3)
  • CIS-622 - .NET Development I* (3)

6 Credit Hours

Third Semester

  • CIS-624 - .NET Development II* (3)

3 Credit hours

Fourth Semester

  • CIS-626 - .NET Development III* (3)

What career could this lead to?

Graduates with a .NET Programming certificate can obtain jobs in a variety of different career opportunities.
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