Accounting (Online)

Accounting (Online)

See Where an Accounting Degree Can Take Your Career

If you’re looking for a career path that opens doors in the business world, then look no further than the online Business Administration: Accounting program. Accountants have the key tools a business needs – which is why they are always in demand.

At Kirkwood, you’ll learn accounting from experienced faculty that understand what it takes to succeed in the field. They’ll prepare you for your next step, be it transferring on to a four-year college, or heading into the workforce with high earning potential.

This two-year online A.A.S. program provides students with the background they need to secure entry-level positions in general accounting, cost accounting, tax, credit, or other specialized areas of financial accounting and financial reporting. To better serve our students, all courses for Business Administration: Accounting will be offered online starting Fall 2021.

How to Apply Program Details

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Graduates of the online Accounting program will be able to:

  • Evaluate career options in business as a basis for making appropriate career choices.
  • Utilize critical thinking to solve problems and make decisions in business situations.
  • Communicate information effectively using a variety of formats for diverse audiences.
  • Analyze the ethical and legal implications of business decisions within the global business environment.
  • Complete and explain steps in the accounting cycle and apply generally accepted accounting principles to the valuation of assets, liabilities and owners’ equity.
  • Prepare, interpret and analyze financial statements for corporations in the service, merchandising and manufacturing businesses.
  • Use planning and control principles to evaluate the performance of a business.
  • Apply appropriate accounting principles to special topics.


Career options can include:

  • Accounting clerk
  • Cost accountant
  • General accountant
  • Office manager
  • Payroll clerk

Learn more about potential careers and median salaries in the accounting field.

Program Costs

Business Administration: Accounting 

Program Entry Semester: Fall 2021

Year One

Credits: 14 14 28
Tuition: $2,604 $2,604 $5,208
Fees: $74 $50 $124
Books: $601.75 $563.75 $1,165.50



Credits: 7 7
Tuition: $1,302 $1,302
Fees: $50 $50
Books: $328.75 $328.75


Year Two

Credits: 15 15 30
Tuition: $2,790 $2,790 $5,580
Fees: $50 $50 $100
Books: $523.25 $618.25 $1,141.50




Costs provided are estimated and based on in-state tuition rates. Book cost estimates are for new books. Individual expenses may vary. These costs also do not factor in potential financial aid benefits. For a complete view of your specific cost expectation, visit our Cost Estimator Tool.
Included fees: Technology Fee, and Ancillary Expenses (Conference/Seminar)
Current Tuition Rates per Credit Hour: $ 186 In-State; $ 249 Out-of-State; $ 372 International
Updated: 2/1/2021

Mission Statement

Identify the evolving accounting needs of the community and provide the skill set necessary for career-appropriate employment.


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