Apparel Merchandising and Design

Apparel Merchandising and Design

Start Your Fast-Paced Fashion Career

Have a passion for fashion? The Apparel Merchandising and Design program will give you the knowledge and the sales, managerial, and supervisory skills you’ll need to jump right into the fast-paced world of retailing.

You'll learn from valuable hands-on experiences like completing a supervised internship in a retail establishment, developing your own fashion line, and producing a fashion show in the spring.

Once you graduate, you can head straight into the fashion industry or transfer to a four-year program to prepare you for corporate positions.

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Graduates of the Apparel Merchandising and Design program will be able to:

  1. Apply practices and processes used in the apparel and textile industry.
  2. ​Execute skills appropriate for the apparel and textiles industry through visual, oral, written, and technological forms.
  3. Demonstrate comprehension of products, services, and target markets in the apparel and textile industry.
  4. Interpret the concepts and context of dress.
  5. Exhibit comprehension of aesthetics and design processes.
  6. Analyze and implement ethical practices inclusive of sustainability and social responsibility.
  7. Apply mathematical concepts and principles appropriate for the apparel and textile industry.
  8. Exhibit professionalism suitable for the apparel and textile industry.

Prepare and equip students with creativity, apparel industry knowledge and professionalism, in order to actively engage in their organization (such as university or local place of employment).

Program Costs

Apparel Merchandising 

Program Entry Semester: Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Year One

Credits: 16 15 31
Tuition: $2,976 $2,790 $5,766
Fees: $50 $235 $285
Books: $655.50 $831.50 $1,487


Year Two

Credits: 15 16 31
Tuition: $2,790 $2,976 $5,766
Fees: $195 $50 $245
Books: $863.75 $733.25 $1,597




Costs provided are estimated and based on in-state tuition rates. Book cost estimates are for new books. Individual expenses may vary. These costs also do not factor in potential financial aid benefits. For a complete view of your specific cost expectation, visit our Cost Estimator Tool.
Included fees: Technology Fee, and Lab Course Fee
Current Tuition Rates per Credit Hour: $ 186 In-State; $ 249 Out-of-State; $ 372 International
Updated: 2/1/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The credits you earn in apparel merchandising are fully transferable to Iowa State University. Two additional years of study at ISU will earn you a Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design, which will prepare you for corporate positions.

Graduates with Apparel Merchandising degrees can obtain jobs in a variety of different career opportunities.
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