Virtual Worksite Tours

Virtual Worksite Tours

Virtual Tours

Check out our library of virtual worksite tours and give your students the chance to see firsthand the inner-workings of local companies and manufactures. Students will learn about the companies, their career opportunities available, and discover the products they’re creating.


Viewing tips:

  • All Tours were created using Google Expeditions. It works in a similar way as Google Maps.
  • You can watch each “Scene” as it automatically scrolls to the right or you can move through scenes by using your mouse to click through the page.
  • Click on the circled icons within the scene to learn more about that area or piece of equipment.
  • Goodwill, New Leader Manufacturing, and Parker Hannifin tours have audio. To access, click in the upper right corner on the Settings-gear icon and turn on audio.

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National Advanced Driving Simulator


National Advanced Driving Simulator Virtual Tour

Coralville, IA,

Take a 360 degree tour of the National Advanced Driving Simulator, the largest and most advanced collection of driving simulator laboratories in the world with a collection of three simulators and a fleet of four on-road vehicles all used for research purposes. At the University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator, we aim to make our roads safer by researching the connection between humans and vehicles. We use both simulators and on-road vehicles to study how humans interact with vehicles, including automated vehicles and driving while drowsy, distracted, or under the influence.

High-demand jobs: Traffic engineers, safety engineers, transportation planners, automation specialists, programmers

Of interest: The NADS-1 simulator contains a full-sized car and gives the most realistic driving simulation experience in the country. The dome moves across the large room, tilting, rotating, and accelerating to simulate movements of a vehicle and different road surfaces, with scenery projected 360° around the inside walls of the dome.

Skyworks Solutions


Skyworks Solutions Virtual Tour

Cedar Rapids, IA,

We are empowering the wireless networking revolution, connecting people, places, and things around the world. As the demand for connectivity expands, our innovative, high-performance analog semiconductors are enabling breakthrough communication platforms from global industry leaders. Come along for a tour of Skyworks' Cedar Rapids Design Center with our talented employees who do exciting work every day. Get a glimpse of our design, prototype, tuning, and testing processes.

High-demand jobs: Design Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Product Engineers, Packaging Engineers, Program Managers

Of interest: 5G will enhance network spectrum efficiency, enabling the connection of 75 billion devices by 2025.


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